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About Us

Konnect Mobile Communications INC. (Konnect)


Konnect is a Canadian fintech that develops disruptive blue ocean technologies for a more seamless future. We are targeting the $100 Trillion payments space and are starting with the remittance and P2P market.

We have an opportunity to create a tremendous social impact in the lives of those who need to save money by disrupting hundreds of billions of dollars in money transfer fees for a fully free model. We monetize on advertising, AI gift card discount offerings, social eCommerce rewards and big data analytics. We will be the first to offer FREE and have a unique proposition of displaying an Ad in an eWallet.

Board of Directors

Richard Groome

Chairman & CEO

CDNX (TSX-V) past director
33-year capital market expert
400 financings representing $4 + billion

William Lee Coyle

Director, President & Head ProdDev.

First SMS money transfer in Canada
15-year money transfer entrepreneur
Inventor of the PaySocial technology

Georges Ejeil

Director & COO

20-year service industry entrepreneur
Five hotels previously owned & managed
Board member of an AI Co. & Cannabis Co.


Patrick Glemaud

Legal Counsel & Compliance

Payment law expert
Digital payments compliance expert
AML & MSB licensing

Alfredo Leon

Chief Technical Officer

15+ years experience in mobile money transfers
CTO to Canada’s first SMS money transfer service



International C-Level executive
20+ years of experience in capital markets
participating in over $4 Billion Transactions


EVP International Sales

International sales executive
20+ years of experience in global
payments companies


Special Cyber Security Consultant

Former senior member of the FBI cyber security team


Our flagship product PaySocial, lets users send money for FREE in exchange for watching a 15 second video. This will provocatively disrupt the current payments and money transfer landscape that all charge direct or hidden fees. Learn more at PaySocial.ca.

Headquarters 201 Notre-Dame Street West Suite 500
H2Y 1T4 Montreal, Canada

Get in Touchrick@konnectmobile.com