STARCOIN is a proposed international decentralized (block-chain) entertainment cryptocurrency that both rewards and connects fans and superfans with their favorite brands, bands, artists, actors, athletes and celebrities (content creators and social influencers).


STARSPACE is a proposed international decentralized (block-chain) entertainment marketplace and social network that exclusively only accepts STARCOIN as currency. 

STARSPACE will be unique in the marketplace. This is because 85% of transnational and advertising profits will be allocated back to the fans and content creators/ social influencers. This truly puts the value back into the community as it is based on a points system. Similar to the "co-op banking" concept. 


Presently, content creators and social influencers are seeking to strengthen their negotiating power with the studios and demonstrate that they can affect box-office, merchandise, online and live event sales amongst other things. STARCOIN and STARSPACE combined have the potential to be a better way to track and reward fan (and superfan) behavior beyond social media. 

Also, content creators and social influencers have too many "middle men" between them and it is very costly to manage their various sales and marketing campaigns. STARCOIN and STARSPACE combined will provide a direct funnel, access and control over influencers' various sales and marketing campaigns. More importantly, influencers can maintain control over their funds, as the transaction fees on STARSPACE is expected to be 2%. This means 98% will go directly back to the content creators and social influencers. 

Konnect has received the support of A-List content creators and social influencers, to enlist them on the platform with the goal of launching and founding STARCOIN and STARSPACE together. These influencers will curate, support and manage the culture of STARCOIN and STARSPACE to ensure its integrity and vision do not get compromised down the road like many other social networks.


STARCOIN and STARSPACE will reward fans and super fans with exclusive offers, content and access into the international entertainment world. The platform will be committed to ensuring that any content, product or service featured within the community is available for purchase or access at the cheapest price poing or at the best pricing period.

What is the target market for starcoin & starspace?

1. Influencers: major brands, bands, athletes, actors, singers, writers and other content creators. The entertainment industry in the U.S. is over $712 billion USD and approximately $1.9 trillion USD world wide.

2. Fans: Fan engagement and corresponding action is a very powerful force and can heavily influence brands in any direction. This was evident when Kylie Jenner posted one tweet that wiped out $1.3 billion USD of Snapchat's market value. 

3. Super Fans: This type of fan is devoted and has an enormous marketing sway as they achieve the top source of extra revenue for musicians. A study stated that super fans are 12 times more likely to pay money to an artists to attend their event or buy their merchandise. 


For more information, please visit www.starcoins.io & www.star.space.


The STARCOIN and STARSPACE platform are in the very early stages of development with management currently working on ensuring that STARCOIN and STARSPACE will be compliant with all applicable Canadian and US securities laws; consequently, management is not able to determine the timing of the proposed ICO launch or if the ICO will occur.

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