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Sweep mobile will be a mobile cleaning service for busy property owners. Book a cleaning service, track progress, communicate in real-time with your cleaner for special requests, approve end results via photos and or video, pay for the service via mobile wallet and review the service provided.

The global cleaning service market is expected to reach over $74 Billion by 2020.

A letter of intent has been signed with DECOSTA (www.decosta.global) to participate in the development and marketing of the new Sweep application.  DECOSTA is a professional services and consulting firm that engages audiences through the creation and delivery of strategic marketing, sales, and business solutions. DECOSTA clients are from various industries across the United States and Canada. The company generates outstanding results for clients through four expert practice groups. 1. Marketing & Communications: Marketing strategies that create identity and awareness. 2. Entertainment: Management of unique artist brands and their digital content assets. 3. Business Acceleration: Business & Sales strategy consulting that increases profits. 4. Internet & Mobile Solutions: Online and wireless solutions that drive business and sales.

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Sweep is not just designed for house cleaning services, but it will also support business, boat and car owners who want to clean their property through a seamless transaction. 

For phase 2 of the Sweep project, Konnect is exploring the possibility of launching its own SweepCoin to be the definitive cryptocurrency for the cleaning industry.


1. Freelance and individual providers who work full-time in the cleaning industry. In 2015, there were approximately 875,000 cleaning businesses that employed about 3,500,000 employees in the US alone.

2. Individuals searching for a second source of income to supplement their primary employment. The U.S. Department of Labor reported 7,600,000 workers were holding multiple jobs in July, 2017.  

3. Owners of any space that needs to be cleaned periodically, such as homes, offices, boats, cars etc.


For more information visit www.sweepapp.com & www.sweepcoins.io 


The Sweep App and SweepCoin are in the very early stages of development with management currently working on ensuring that the SweepCoin will be compliant with all applicable Canadian and US securities laws; consequently, management is not able to determine the timing of the proposed ICO launch or if the ICO will occur.